To satisfy our customers with advice on the implementation and use of free software technologies, counting on a competent human resources and methodologies established work.

OPENTIC, It is available to effectively meet the needs of any group of companies through continuous process improvement and committed to compliance with the requirements of law and demanded by our customers.

In 2017 SAS achieve Opentic position in the domestic market with at least 3 different free software tools, and the inclusion and implementation of new products and consulting services thereof.
  • Commitment to the development of our clients
  • Transparency and excellence in management
  • Personalized service to our customers

Short-term objectives

  • Associating the best professionals to provide services to offer


  • Winning new clients

Long term

  • Winning customers worldwide
  • Offer free services to small schools or colleges nationwide

Opentic is a company dedicated to the implementation and use of free software technologies, always promoting their use, providing advice to our clients low costs relative to custodial tools.

In Opentic we focus on using the latest technology, with the highest standards of quality and service to give the best solution to our customers.